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Safer Construction [Fleming, John Holland Group] 2005-027-A

Project participants and team members


Tim Fleming
Bovis Lend Lease Murray Coleman, Tom McFadyen
Queensland University of Technology Kerry Brown, Michael Charles, Janet Pillay, Neil Ryan, Paul Barnes
John HollandTim Fleming - Project Leader
RMITNick Blismas, Helen Lingard, Ron Wakefield

Project description

This project is working collaboratively with the Engineers Australia-convened Taskforce for Construction Safety, chaired by Leighton Holdings Chief Operating Officer, Bill Wild. The Taskforce seeks to reduce construction workplace accidents by creating the Guide to Best Practice for Safer Construction for the industry.

The Construction Innovation project is supporting the Taskforce by examining occupational health and safety practices at the design, procurement, construction and commissioning stages of built assets in order to develop The Guide and supporting implementation kit. This project brings together stakeholders across the supply chain of the project ensuring a whole-of-industry solution.
Guide to best practice for safer construction (Industry publication)
Literature review: Safer construction: From concept to completion (Project report)
OHS perceptions and expectations: Construction safety taskforce (Project report)
Uptake of an OHS code of practice by Australian construction firms
Uptake of an OHS code of practice by construction firms: Barriers and enablers in an Australian industry context (Refereed conference paper)
Safer construction voluntary code of practice: Implications for SMEs (Refereed conference paper)
Safer construction: The development of a guide to best practice (Refereed conference paper)
Safer construction: The development of a voluntary code of practice to improve safety performance in the Australian construction industry (Conference paper)
Occupational health and safety in Australia: The construction industry's response to the National Strategy 2002-2012 (Conference paper)