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Internationalisation of Construction Industry Design Firms [London, University of Newcastle] 2002-066-A

Project participants and team members


Kerry London

Arup Australasia

Richard Hough


Peter Droege

Woods Bagot

David Marchant

Qld Dept of State Development and Innovation

Terry Gibson

Queensland University of Technology

Craig Furneaux, Steve Rowlinson, Neal Ryan

University of Newcastle

Kerry London- Project Leader

Project description

This project addressed the question How do construction sector design firms internationalise and develop sustainable business models?
This investigation identified the barriers and success factors which Australian-based design companies experience when working internationally, and their exposure to financial risk. Case studies explored the way in which three firms maintained their longevity in various international markets and the manner in which these firms:
  1. achieved long term sustainability
  2. dealt with problems and barriers in international markets
  3. developed successful strategies for being adaptable to different markets and changes within markets.
Key issues addressed were:
Firm social, cultural and intellectual capital: Strategic indicators of international client satisfaction (Refereed conference paper)
Long term sustainability in exporting creativity (Project report)
Internationalisation of construction industry design firms (Project report)