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Efficiency through eTendering 
eTendering is increasingly being adopted throughout Australia and internationally as a way of maximising economic gain via the introduction of new information and communication technologies. In its simplest form, it is described as the electronic publishing, communicating, accessing, receiving and submitting of all tender-related information and documentation via the internet, thereby replacing the traditional paper-based tender processes resulting a more efficient and effective business process.
A critical need for this research was identified by the Queensland public sector partners to Construction Innovation, to evaluate the legal, security and risk issues relating to eTendering.
Research objectives addressed include:
eTendering: Security and Legal Issues - Download industry publication
Secure communication protocol for preserving e-Tendering integrity (publication)
ICT and curriculum design to bridge the gap between industry and accademia (Refereed conference paper)
Towards secure and legal e-Tendering (Journal article)
eTendering security and legal issues (Technical report)
Security and legal issues in eTendering (Project report)
Electronic contract administration - legal and security issues (Literature review)