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Noise Management in Urban Environments [DeSilva, RMIT] 2002-004-B

Project participants and team members


Saman DeSilva

Arup Australasia

Peter Bowtell

Qld Dept of Main Roads

Arthur Hall, Julie Peters, John Spathonis

Qld Dept of Public Works

Dale Gilbert


Andreas Nata-Atmadja

Queensland University of Technology

Ned Wales


Li Chen, Saman De Silva- Project Leader, Philip Douglas, Arun Kumar, Sujeeva Setunge

Project description

The main focus of this research is to conduct a comparative cost/benefit assessment of noise amelioration by means of alternative treatments outside the road reserve compared with the present pactice of treatment within the road reserve. The project aims to foster a full range noise abatement strategy encompassing source, path and noise receiver. The benefit of such a study would be to mitigate the problem where it is most effective and would defuse traditional 'authority' boundaries to produce the optimum outcome.
Decision-support software tool handbook (Industry publication)

Creating a proactive decision support environment in managing road traffic noise (Refereed conference paper)
Evaluation of noise amelioration treatments within and outside the road reserve (Refereed conference paper)
The final project report is confidential and not available