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Sustainable Subdivisions -Ventilation [Delsante, CSIRO] 2002-077-B

Project participants and team members


Bovis Lend Lease Guy Gibson, Daniel Grunbaum
Brisbane City CouncilMedha Gokhale, Nelson Ross
CSIROMichael Ambrose, Fanny Boulaire, Robin Drogemuller, Angelo Delsante - Project Leader, Loretta Kivlighon, Anne Miller - former Project Leader
Qld Dept of Public WorksRon Apelt
Queensland University of Technology Nur Demirbilek, Rosie Kennedy, Danny O'Hare, Glenn Thomas

Project description

The aim of the research is to determine the relationship between Bureau of Meteorology monitoring stations and a variety of dwelling types through monitoring of wind conditions in south-east Queensland. The research will verify and quantify the role natural ventilation has in cooling residences in sub-tropical climates, inform the development of a lot-rating methodology for south-east Queensland and may also make a recommendation that the existing lot-rating methodology in use in other parts of Australia, be modified to allow for the impact of ventilation. The research is also expected to highlight the fundamental importance of good sub-division and dwelling design and will also inform the ongoing development of thermal programs.

Sustainable sub-divisions: Ventilation (Final report)
Sustainable subdivisions ventilation: The role of natural ventilation in building sustainable subdivisions in South East Queensland (Project report)
Sustainable Subdivisions: Ventilation data monitoring (Project report)
A Comparative Study - Regulatory Requirements on Subdivisions for Increasing Passive Cooling (Project report)
Sustainable construction for the future - The role of government in energy efficiency and sustainability in buildings (Refereed conference paper)
Subtropical subdivisions: Toward a lot-rating methodology for subtropical climates (Refereed conference paper)
Sustainable housing: Smarter design is key to big savings (Australian magazine article)