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Team Collaboration in High Bandwidth Virtual Environments [Maher, University of Sydney] 2002-024-B

Project participants and team members


Mary Lou Maher

Arup Australasia

Richard Hough, Steve Pennell

Woods Bagot

David Marchant, Carolyn Mitchell, Kanyarat Nemprempree


John Crawford, Lan Ding

University of Newcastle

Thomas Bellamy, Rod Gameson, Willy Sher, Tony Williams

University of Sydney

Kirsty Beilharz, Andy Dong, Robin Drogemuller, John Gero, Mary Lou Maher- Project Leader, Mike Rosenman

Central Node

Melissa James

Project description

Recent developments in networked 3D virtual worlds and the proliferation of high bandwidth communications technology have the potential to dramatically improve collaboration in the construction industry. This project will focus on how these systems and the associated commercial tools can be used in a high bandwidth environment. This project focuses on the early stages of a project in which the models for the project are being developed and revised. The project looks at two aspects of collaboration in virtual environments: 1. The processes that enable effective collaboration using high bandwidth information communication technology. 2. The models that allow for multiple disciplines to share their views ina a synchronous virtual environment.
2002-024-B-01 (Literature review)
Experimental methodology (Project Report)
Generic skills in design teams (Final report)
Generic skills in design teams (Literature review)
Collaborative processes: Research report on use of virtual environment (Project report)
DesignWorld: A tool for team collaboration in high band virtual environments (Final report)
Team Collaboration in High Band-width Virtual Environments (Literature review)
Necessary skills and practices required for effective participation in high bandwidth design teams (Refereed conference paper)
Defining reference service life: An open innovation approach (Refereed conference paper)
Studying collaborative design in high bandwidth virtual environments (Refereed conference paper)
Multidisciplinary design in virtual worlds (Refereed conference paper)