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Safety Effectiveness Indicators [Cipolla, John Holland] 2007-005-EP

Project participants and team members

Dean Cipolla
John HollandDean Cipolla - Project Leader, Jim Pevitt
Leighton ContractorsGreg Flynn
OFSCMatthew Gardiner
Queensland University of TechnologyHerbert Biggs, Philip Kirk
ThiessDean Bingham
University of Western Sydney
Don Dingsdag

Project description

This project builds on the research in 2003-050-A Construction Site Safety Culture [Cipolla, JHG] by examining what safety effectiveness measures could be used by industry to determine the effectiveness of critical safety activities identified in the Construction Industry Safety Competency Framework.

In the Construction Industry Safety Competency Framework research the construction industry has clearly stated that there are 39 critical safety management tasks which if undertaken effectively, will improve safety performance. This next stage of research aims to identify indicators within each activity that will allow stakeholders to identify and measure effectiveness.

This project will undertake a consultative process to develop Safety Effectiveness Indicators and pilot them on a number of construction projects throughout Australia.
Safety Effectiveness Indicators Project Workbook