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National Guidelines and Case Studies [Fussell, QDPW] 2007-002-EP

Project participants and team members

Tom Fussell
ArupJohn Hainsworth
Bovis Lend LeaseSimon Hardy, Ross Daddo
Brisbane City CouncilDean Morse, Phillip Lord, Joyce Law
Building CommissionPaul Crapper
MirvacSven Ollmann, Garry McCann, Shane McAtee
Qld Dept of Main RoadsJohn Spathonis, Don Hicks
Qld Dept of Public WorksTom Fussell - Project Leader
Queensland University of TechnologyRobin Drogemuller, David Neilson, Steph Garr, Scott Beazley - Project Manager
Guillermo Aranda-Mena, John Crawford, Agustin Chevez, Bilal Succar, Ron Wakefield
Sydney Opera HouseChris Linning
Woods BagotDavid Marchant

Project description

Project goals include:
Brochure: National BIM guidelines and case studies
Presentation: National BIM guidelines and case studies (Jul08)
National Guidelines for Digital Modelling
National Guidelines for Digital Modelling: Case Studies