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Wayfinding in the Built Environment [Hogan, Building Commission] 2002-053-C

Project team members


Dennis Hogan


Brian Ashe

Building Commission

Dennis Hogan- Project Leader

Qld Dept of Public Works

Ron Apelt, Dale Gilbert


John Crawford

Queensland University of Technology

Debbie Smit, Paul Smith  

Project description

The project aims to identify technologies and systems that will make it easier and safer for people who have a sensory impairment to find their way around large public areas. The project is primarily aimed at people who are blind or vision impaired, but will also consider others groups of people. People who are blind or vision impaired often have difficulty negotiating public spaces, such as university campuses, public squares or sporting venues, especially when the area is crowded or noisy. This has a significant impact on their capacity to independently and confidently use public resources. The opportunity exists in  Stage 3 of this project, (should it proceed), to develop an application and trial a system and/or technologies that will assist vision impaired people to successfully negotiate their way around a large site which is offered by the Commonwealth Games being held in Melbourne in 2006.
Wayfinding in the Built Environment - Stage 1  (Final project report)        
Report and publications for Stages 2 and 3 of project
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