Construction 2020
Construction 2020 is a national initiative undertaken by Construction Innovation to focus its ongoing leadership of the Australian property and construction industry in applied research and contributes to the industrys national and international growth and competitiveness.

An extensive process of industry engagement undertaken by the Construction Innovations CEO, Professor Keith Hampson, and Professor Peter Brandon of the University of Salford, UK, included a series of nationwide workshops in 2003 and 2004.

On 23 June, 2004, Peter MacGauran, Minister for Science, and Ian Macfarlane, Minister for Industry, launched the report Construction 2020 A Vision for Australias Property and Construction Industry. The report identifies eight key themes for the future of the property and construction industry.

The continuing support shown by industry for Construction 2020 will ensure that this initiative based on vision, consultation and collaboration will have a long-term impact on developing a robust, informed and strategic research and innovation agenda for Australias property and construction industry.

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