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Sustainable infrastructure in aggressive environments [Setunge, RMIT] 2004-018-C

Project participants and team members


Sujeeva Setunge - Project Leader
Sujeeva Setunge
Qld Department of Main RoadsLex Vanderstaay, John Fenwick, Peter Rotolone
Queensland University of TechnologyMatthew Humphreys
Royal Melbourne Institute of TechnologyRebecca Gravina, Tom Molyneaux, Sujeeva Setunge - Project Leader, Srikanth Venkatesan

Project description

The objective of this project is to develop a tool that will help interpret the symptoms of degradation of concrete structures, estimate residual service life and recommend appropriate and cost effective remedial action. The study will focus on structures in aggressive environments with estimation of residual life based on a probabilistic methodology.

In developing the tool, significant advancement of knowledge is occurring through establishing a knowledge-based system to support maintenance inspections and diagnosis of observed signs of deterioration of concrete structures. Evaluation of the residual capacity and performance curves of a given structure using a probabilistic methodology will deliver a useful tool for industry application.
A software diagnostic tool for evaluating distress mechanisms in bridges exposed to aggressive environments (Final report)
Towards a rule-based matrix for evaluation distress mechanisms in bridges (Refereed conference paper)
A framework for predicting the residual load carrying capacity of concrete structures in aggresive environments (Refereed conference paper)
Strategies for minimising the whole of life cycle cost of reinforced concrete bridge exposed to aggressive environments (Refereed conference paper)
Evaluation of distress mechanisms in bridges exposed to aggressive environments (Refereed conference paper)
Sustainable infrastructure for aggressive environments (Project report)