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Critical success factors in ICT implementation  
This project created a model that identifies critical success factors in ICT-mediated supply chains, and provides a best-practice model, acknowledging the differing needs of individual organisations and participants. Documentation includes four best-practice guides (Client, Consultant, Head contractor and Subcontractors) along with details of the Australian National Survey which formed part of this work.
This suite of guides informs decision-makers within construction industry firms as to those factors that, in the experience of other practitioners, are of critical importance in order to maximise the likelihood of successful adoption and integration of ICT into a firm. The project has sought to identify, verify and test those issues that are responsible for influencing the success or otherwise of ICT investments made by firms, for use in conjunction with business partners. This was undertaken through four key activities:
The guides have a number of objectives:
Provide a self-assessment tool.
  1. PICTuring success: client leadership of ICT integration in project teamsPurchasedownloadfor $38.50
  2. PICTuring success: head contractors driving ICT in project teams Purchasedownloadfor $38.50
  3. PICTuring success: consultants adding value through ICT in project teamsPurchasedownloadfor $38.50
  4. PICTuring success: developing ICT agility for subcontractors in project teams Purchasedownloadfor $38.50
PICTuring success: critical success factors for ICT integration in the Australian construction industry (Industry publication)
Creating a benchmarking service to measure ICT uptake for the Australian construction industry (Refereed conference paper)
Australian national survey (Preliminary findings)