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Supply chains
This current research project aims to improve economic, social and environmental sustainability of the pre-cast concrete, and construction and demolition waste supply chains through the development, trial and evaluation of an innovative supply chain management strategy. The long-term goals are to improve competitive behaviour and market sector performance and improve business process efficiency and effectiveness of public sector program delivery by influencing policy development, changing organisational behaviour and implementation development to achieve more economic, social and environmentally sustainable markets.
2004-016-A-1 Literature review (Project report)
2004-016-A-3 Stage 1: Results (Final report)
Construction supply chain economic policy implementation for sectoral change: Moving beyond the rhetoric (Refereed conference paper)
Supply chain sustainability the role of trust and relationships (Refereed conference paper)
Best Practice Guideline for Government Supply Chain Management (Industry brochure) 
Benchmarking Guide for Improving Information Dissemination Through Supply Chain Management (Industry brochure)
Role of cultural capital towards the development of a sustainable business model for design firm internationalisation