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Electronic Contract Administration - Legal andSecurity Issues Diffusion [Christensen, QUT] 2005-025-A

Project participants and team members


Sharon Christensen
Brisbane City Council Neil Abel
John HollandGeoff Gannon, Gerry Shutt
Qld Dept of Main RoadsRoss Guppy
Qld Dept of Public WorksDayv Carter
Qld Dept of Public WorksDon Allan, Craig Carpenter
Queensland University of Technology Martin Betts, Sharon Christensen - Project Leader, Edward Dawson, Bill Duncan, Ernest Foo, Praveen Gauravaram, Audun Josang, Debbie Smit

Project description

This current project uses a case study approach to evaluate the eTendering systems of the Queensland Department of Public Works and Brisbane City Council against the technical and legal guidelines published in previous Construction Innovation research, with the aim of determining the level of compliance and promoting best practice. Additionally, this research will look at the legal and security issues for the formation and administration of building and construction contracts wholly within an electronic environment.

The research is focusing on several aspects of electronic contracting and administration, including:
Through key case studies the research will support research into eContracting and contract administration and assist large enterprises and SMEs in the building and construction industry.
Electronic contract administration - legal and security issues (Final report)
Electronic contract administration - legal and security issues (Literature review)
Security issues in e-Contracting (Refereed conference paper)
Uptake of an OHS code of practice by Australian construction firms (Refereed conference paper)
Electronic project administration in the construction industry (Refereed journal article)
eContracting - Security and Legal Issues (Industry publication)
eTendering - Security and Legal Issues (Industry publication from related project)
eContracting – Risks and recommendations solutions chart (Industry publication)