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Collaboration Platform [Taylor, Nexus Point] 2007-003-EP

Project participants and team members


Claudelle Taylor
Bovis Lend LeaseSimon Hardy
John HollandMichael Ward
Leighton ContractorsIvan Chan
MirvacRichard Rizzalli, Gary McCann
Nexus PointClaudelle Taylor - Project Leader
Qld Dept of Public WorksTom Fussell
Queensland University of TechnologyRobin Drogemuller
Sydney Opera HousePaul Akhurst, Chris Linning
ThiessWilliam Buckland, Dirk Clapham
University of NewcastleNing Gu - Research Leader, Kerry London, Ljiliana Brankovic, Vishal Singh, Jerry Tsai
Woods BagotDavid Marchant


Project description

The Project will review and analyse the current capability of model servers leading to an open software specification which will cater for Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) digital models accessible through a web interface.
Collaboration Platform - Final Report