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Component Life: Delphi Approach to Life Prediction of Building Material Components [Cole, CSIRO]2002-010-B

Project participants and team members


Ivan Cole
John Holland Gerry Shutt
Qld Dept of Public WorksDale Gilbert
CSIROIvan Cole- Project Leader, Stephen McFallan, Gerardo Trinidad
University of NewcastleSwee-Eng Chen, Jamie Mackee

Project description

This project builds on state of the art practice and research in Australia and Internationally. One notable development is the property condition index (PCI) of Qld Depart of Public Works and Housing. The PCI project has assembled a significant database of maintenance frequency and cost. However it is historical whole-of-building cost based rather than component-based. The outcomes of this project will provide its user with the best expert opinion on the life of metallic building components, in different building types, in temperate environments and in relation to three principal classes of obsolescence: physical, technological and social. It will do this by devising a Delphi study to tap expert opinion.
Life prediction of building material components - A Delphi Approach (Final report)
Predicted lifetimes of metallic building components (Industry publication)