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Case Based Reasoning in Construction and Infrastructure Projects [Cole, CSIRO] 2002-059-B

Project participants and team members


Ivan Cole

Qld Dept of Main Roads

Alan Carse,John Spathonis,

Qld Dept of Public Works

Dale Gilbert, David Harrison


Ivan Cole- Project Leader, Penny Corrigan, Wayne Ganther, Gerardo Trinidad,

University of Sydney

Mary Lou Maher,

Project description

The project has two major objectives being to develop an engine that uses Case Based Logic (CBL) to link together process modules to form tailored models for specific applications and to apply this approach to estimate the life of components in construction and infrastructure projects. Studies have demonstrated that statistical models of component life though useful are extremely limited in their application and cannot predict outside the data sets used to generate the models. Process-based models are much more flexible, however such models are very costly to develop and as they need to be developed for each material it is not feasible to develop a whole of structure system based on individually constructed models.

This project will focus on predicting the life of the key metallic construction materials and components and assessing the viability of the technique to a wider range of materials such as concrete (including, reinforcement) and timber. This research project has two major implications to industry and Australia. In its specific application to life prediction of construction materials it will provide for the first time a modelling framework that is robust, flexible, comprehensive and durable. This will permit accurate inputs into environmental impact, damage risk, etc models. It will provide industry with a unique tool that can be used for modelling a wide variety of complex systems.
Defining reference service life (Refereed conference paper)
Situated case based reasoning as a constructive memory model for design (Refereed conference paper)
Case based reasoning in construction and infrastructure projects (Industry report)
Case based reasoning in construction and infrastructure projects (Technical report)
Study of a Queensland bridge and foreshore (Project report)
Study of a Queensland school (Project report)