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Indoorair quality estimator[Tucker, CSIRO] 2004-033-B

Project participants and team members


Selwyn Tucker [CSIRO] - Project Leader
Selwyn Tucker
Brisbane City Council Medha Gokhale
CSIROSteven Brown, Selwyn Tucker - Project Leader
Qld Dept of Public WorksDale Gilbert
Queensland University of TechnologyLidia Morawska
David Marchant

Project description

A model for estimating indoor air quality in commercial buildings will be developed by combining existing indoor air measurement, product emission and ventilation/filtration knowledge into a practical model for estimating the indoor air quality of indoor spaces over time providing an air quality profile of indoor environments. The capabilities of the model will be demonstrated by industry partners implementing the model as a beta-tested prototype using data for selected materials from a 3D CAD model of a building design and characteristics of typical ventilation systems.
IAQ Assist (Project report)
Estimating indoor air quality using integrated 3D CAD building models (Refereed conference paper)