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Value in Project Delivery Systems: Facilitating a Change in Culture [Rowlinson, QUT] 2002-022-A

Project participants and team members



John Holland

Terry Jones

Brisbane City Council

Jim Reeves

Qld Dept of Public Works

Steve Hobson, Paul Krautz, Roy Sargent, Mat Tiley

Qld Dept of Main Roads

Mark Rogers, John Spathonis


Greg Foliente


Derek Walker

Queensland University of Technology

Fiona Cheung, Craig Furneaux, Renae Jones, Alannah Rafferty, Steve Rowlinson- Project Leader, Neal Ryan, Tony Sidwell, Roland Simons,

University of Newcastle

Marcus Jefferies,

Project description

This research project investigated how culture change can be managed in the context of a new approach based upon relationship management. Successful implementation of relationship management requires strong commitment and continuous understanding at all levels. The trend towards consideration of non-price criteria and the advent of relationship management and alliance-type contracts has encouraged increased focus on the collaborative elements of project team management.
Industry accepts that a cultural shift is required to maximise the outcomes from such projects. However, fostering the right culture is not a challenge for the project team alone. The client organisation must also develop an appropriate culture to be able to propose and manage relationship contracts Both government and industry have identified needs for revaluing construction and engineering a better process and procedures in order to deliver value to all participants and stakeholders. Continuous, open and honest communication is the key to the success of this process, moving away from adversarial approaches towards a more cooperative and collaborative environment.
Partnering, alliancing and relationship management require a change of mind set ― a culture change ― and the client side must change along with the contracting side. A fit is required between organisational structure and culture. Relationship contracting has the potential benefits of achieving stakeholder empowerment, facilitating regional development and delivering a sustainable industry.
Outcomes from this project included:
Implementation of relational management (Final report)
Value in project delivery systems: Facilitating a change in culture (Brochure)
Value in project delivery systems: Facilitating a change in culture (Brochure - Japanese version)
Culture project video (used in the presentation at the "Queensland Week" in Japan in conjunction with the Trade Minister Beattie's Trade Mission).
Report on the concepts and definitions of the various forms of relational contracting (Project report)
Report on relationship management and culture change (Project report)
Report on client management (Project report)
A review of the concepts and definitions of the various forms of relational contracting (Refereed conference paper)
Relational contracting, culture and globalisation (Refereed conference paper)
A critical review of the organisational structure, culture and commitment in the Australian construction industry (Refereed conference paper)
Organisational structure, culture and commitment: An Australian public sector case study (Refereed conference paper)
Success factors in an alliancing contract (Refereed conference paper)
Relational contracting - the way forward or just a brand name? (Refereed conference paper)
Alliancing in Australia - No litigation contracts; a tautology? (Refereed journal article)