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Ethical construction procurement
Little is known of what helps and hinders ethical conduct in the construction industry. This research therefore explores the perspectives of key stakeholders and participants directly involved in the design and construction industry as to what they consider contribute to or negates ethical behaviour. Recognised issues associated with an adversarial culture, under-capitalisation, low margins, with little or no investment in research and development of new processes or use of new technologies, a short-term focus, relationships and planning and a fragmented approach, and the structure will not change unduly in the future. Therefore it is of interest to work within this structure and move beyond constantly blaming it for all the perceived ills of the industry.
The focus of previous research into ethics has been on developing codes of conduct for the industry. This research goes further in addressing the question of why codes that are developed are difficult to implement. It looks at the complexity of ethical issues and the obstacles preventing the practice of codes and ethics in actual industry settings. Workshops conducted uncovered some of the complexity of practices that operate in the industry from the practitioners perspective.
This report includes:
Ethical behaviour in the construction procurement process (Project report)

Review of International procurement procedures (Literature review)
Review of Australian ethical procurement principles (Literature review)