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Sustainability and Facility Management Forum (9 August, Sydney)

The CRC for Construction Innovation held a Sustainability and Facility Management Forum on Tuesday 9 August from 9:30am to4:00pm at 3 Manning Street, Potts Point, Sydney.

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Morning session: Focus on Sustainability

Mr Chris Johnson set the scene for the morning session with an urban renewal and sustainability emphasis. Mr Peter Mould explained his perspective on the FM Action Agenda which included developing a framework for regulatory standardisation, FM performance measures and sustainability. Attendees found out about recent investigations into how rating tools play a part in the planning and design process and their potential contribution to achieving sustainable outcome. Attendees also discovered assessment and benchmarking results of the energy-efficiency performance of subdivisions with a range of contemporary dwellings and how these will progress into a sub-tropical lot rating methodology.

Afternoon session: Focus on Facility Management

Mr Stephen Ballesty provided an insight into the FM Action Agenda, an Australian Government initiative which provides a strategic framework for industry to achieve the vision of a more productive and sustainable built environment through improved innovation, education and standards. Attendees learnt how the use of LCADesign (Life Cycle Analysis of Design) will enable building design professionals to make informed decisions on the environmental impact of commercial buildings by providing detailed environmental measures for different materials, products and designs, automatically from their 3D CAD drawings. Information was provided on the latest Construction Innovation case study research on the Sydney Opera House that will examine FM practices in digital modelling, documentation, services, procurement and benchmarking.


FM Action Agenda (1.1Mb)
Nomination Form for FM Action Agenda Committees (92Kb)


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