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Automated estimating for civil concrete structures [Drogemuller, CSIRO] 2005-008-C

Project participants and team members


Robin Drogemuller - Project Leader
Robin Drogemuller
Brisbane City Council
Chris Demartini
Robin Drogemuller - Project Leader, Kwok-Keung Yum
John HollandGerry Shutt
Qld Dept of Main RoadsJohn Spathonis
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Guillermo Aranda-Mena

Project description

This project extends the original work done on estimating costs for concrete on building projects (Stage 2 - Managing information flows with models and virtual environments [Drogemuller, CSIRO] 2003-037-C) by focusing on civil engineering quantities rather than building quantities. The extraction of civil quantities will be more difficult since the shapes are more complex, while the BoQ itself will be simpler. The project will examine both insitu and precast concrete components.
This project will examine existing design practices within the design related industry partners, assess capabilities of current bridge design software to provide the necessary geometrical information and to develop recommendations on how bridge designers could move from their current practices to 3D modelling for concrete civil structures.

This involves the examination of the current use of CAD and analysis packages within the industry partners and identifying how they can add value and reduce time and effort. One output of this stage of the project will be specifications of software modifications required to maximise the benefits of moving to 3D models