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Off-Site Manufacture in Australia [Fussell, Queensland Department of Public Works] 2005-004-C

Project participants and team members


Thomas Fussell
Building Commission Peter Nassau
John Holland
John Reddie
QBSA Peter Hope/Jason Smith
Qld Dept of Public WorksThomas Fussell - Project Leader
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Nick Blismas, Carolyn Hayles, Mark Vines, Ron Wakefield
University of Newcastle
William Sher
Curtin University
Peter Bullen
WA Department of Housing and Works
Peter Tilley, Karyn Ash

Project description

Off-site Manufacture (OSM) has long been recognised, both in Australia and internationally, as offering numerous benefits to all parties in the construction process. More importantly, it is recognised as a key vehicle for driving improvement within the construction industry. The uptake of OSM in construction is however limited, despite well documented benefits.
The research aims to determine the state-of-the-art of OSM in Australia. It will both confirm the benefits and identify the real and perceived barriers to the widespread adoption of OSM. Further the project will identify opportunities for future investment and research. An industrial report will be produced that will map the current state of OSM in Australia, and also identify where future efforts need to be directed in order for the industry to improve.
Off-site manufacture in Australia (Final report)
Off-site manufacture in Australia (Case studies)
Off-site manufacture in Australia: Current state and future directions (Industry publication)
Drivers, constraints and the future of off-site manufacture in Australia (Refereed journal article)
Off-site manufacture in Australia: Barriers and opportunities (Refereed conference paper)