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Business drivers for building information models [Wakefield, RMIT] 2005-033C

Project participants and team members


Ron Wakefield - Project Leader
Ron Wakefield
Building Commission
Paul Crapper
Qld Department of Main Roads
John Spathonis
Qld Department of Public WorksTom Fussell
Queensland University of TechnologyMartin Betts, Debbie Smit
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Guillermo Aranda-Mena, Arun Kumar, Ron Wakefield - Project Leader

Project description

This project will develop understanding of the business drivers and barriers to digital building information models adoption in the Australian property, construction and facilities management (FM) sectors. This project will also show how the CRC is working across our industry to create industry and national economic benefit. To enable this, the objectives of this project are to:
There has not been an investigation that has focussed specifically on BIM and business benefits specifically in relation to diminishing the uncertainties regarding economic benefits. A more effective adoption will be developed for industry.
Business drivers for BIM (Final report)