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eBusinessadoption (Current project)
The aim of this project is to develop a greater awareness in the construction industry of the value of eBusiness to organisations, and to increase participation in various eBusiness technologies. The project objectives are to:
Adoption in the construction industry (Final report)
eBusiness adoption in construction: International review on impediments (Literature review)
Adopting eBusiness in building and construction (Industry publication)
Factors influencing the uptake of eBusiness by small and medium enterprises (Refereed conference paper)
Barriers to eBusiness adoption in construction international literature review (Refereed conference paper)
A reflexive capability model for sustainable e-Business environments in construction supply chain (Refereed conference paper)
E-commerce in construction -  IT AEC international journal
Economic, social and culture impediments and drivers for adoption of eBusiness innovation within the industrial structure of the construction sector (Chapter from Clients Driving Construction Innovation: Moving ideas into practice)