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Infrastructure re-life (Current project)
The objectives of this current project are to investigate the characteristics of re-life projects that impact upon the effective management of the construction process, such as the identification and mitigation of risks, issues of decanting and existing tenants, identification of existing structure and services, work scheduling, occupational health and safety issues for construction personnel and tenants, demolition, waste and recycling, issues of quality and workmanship, cost planning and cost modelling methodologies.
Specific issues considered are:
Delivering a re-life project (Brochure)
Delivering a re-life project (Literature review)
Building infrastructure asset management: Australian practices (Refereed conference paper)
Optimisation of expenditure for buildings: refurbish or demolish? (Refereed conference paper)
Structural strengthening for optimizing floor space during retrofitting of high-rise office buildings (Refereed conference paper)
Benchmarks for recycling practices in commercial office building refurbishments: Data collection challenges (Refereed conference paper)
Re-life of buildings - Decision support tools for maximising project efficiency (Refereed conference paper)
An integrated approach to the "relife" of office buildings (Refereed conference paper)
Challenges in residual service life assessment for refurbishment projects (Refereed conference paper)
Evaluation of residual service life methodologies using refurbishment projects as case studies (Refereed conference paper)
Waste minimisation in office refurbishment projects: An Australian perspective (Journal article)
The efficacy of waste management plans in Australian commercial construction refurbishment projects (Journal article)