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The Construction Innovation Research Library provides access to a large range of documents produced by our CRC. It is organised by subject areas within programs A, B and C and the ICT platform.
Use the outline below to take you to the relevant documents by clicking on the headings in the green panels. You can also locate library documents using the search feature orthroughour publications �section.
Program C
Delivery and management of built assets

The object of Program C is to deliver project value for stakeholders for the whole-of-life, from business need, design and construction through to ownership, asset management and reuse through:

  • improved communication and use of knowledge
  • increased productivity and value
  • effective delivery and management of whole-of-life assets.
Virtual prototyping of built environments
Construction Innovation activity in this field includes research into:
  • best-practice project delivery including the development of a decision support tool comprising an electronic database and workbook designed to help guide clients and project teams towards the best delivery approach for specific projects
  • the feasibility of integrating two important means of obtaining value in the project delivery process through best-value tendering and the use of Outcome Performance Indicators (OPIs)
  • Project Diagnostics software which identifies areas of poor project health, then establishes probable root causes and provides suggested remedial measures
  • automatic generation of a bill of quantities (BoQ) and cost estimate from a 3D CAD building model
  • the development is a suite of products, resources and services to help guide clients and project teams towards the best approach for specific projects
  • the notion of developing a standard set of tender evaluation criteria based on best-value criteria with definition of OPIs that would be required to be reported upon at the completion of projects.
Improved communication and use of information
Construction Innovation activity to date includes research and development of key issues relevant to improved communications and the use of information including:
  • research demonstrating that Industry Foundation Class (IFC) data is a potential source of information in the generation of draft construction schedules, and illustrates the feasibility of using logic programming to codify knowledge and trade practices in the construction industry
  • research into the use of pervasive computing technologies in the on-site (construction site) deployment of mobile computing devices and the use and development of intelligent rooms
  • Automated Estimator is a computer software tool that automatically generates a bill of quantities (BoQ) and cost estimate from a 3D CAD building model
  • provision of a set of research and industry recommended guidelines examining industry uptake of Information Communication and Technology (ICT) solutions
  • a worldwide review identifying way-finding systems and technologies that could be used to make it easier and safer for people with a sensory impairment to find their way around buildings and public spaces. The project had a focus on the technical nature of systems and technologies.
Infrastructure delivery and management of built assets
Construction Innovation activity to date includes research and development of key issues relevant to infrastructure delivery and management including:
  • a procedure for assessing investment decisions for road asset management including methods for optimising data collection, calibrating deterioration prediction models and Assessing risk-adjusted estimates for lifecycle cost estimates
  • a tool for improved investment decision making for functional performance of investment property. The evaluation examines both ex post and ex ante building performance within operational and investment contexts and considers the resultant financial, environmental and social impacts.
  • The Sydney Opera House Exemplar Project which aims to achieve innovative facilities management strategies and models that will showcase improved FM performance and promote best practice.
  • research that has resulted in a decision-support framework and tool which will enable asset managers of concrete infrastructure to select the most suitable technique for rehabilitating ageing concrete structures using fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) composites
  • investigation of the characteristics of re-life projects that impact upon the effective management of the construction process
  • development of innovative ideas on the quality of the decision support process for road agencies
  • current development of a tool that will assist in the interpretation of the symptoms of degradation of concrete structures, estimate residual service life and recommend suitable and cost effective remedial action.
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