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Australian Construction Industry Forum (ACIF)

ACIF is Australias peak construction industry consultative organisation with almost 200 000 members. Their Mission is to create a competitive and prosperous industry that is a leader in shaping and delivering Australias national construction agenda.

The growing relationship between Construction Innovation and ACIF is strengthening the CRCs industry connections. This strategic alliance enables us to jointly engage in setting research directions, become partners in technology transfer, leverage applied research for industry benefit and share our communication networks. 

Australian Sustainable Built Environmental Council (ASBEC)

With lead industry organisations, Construction Innovation established the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (ASBEC) in 2004. ASBEC is the peak body of key organisations committed to a sustainable built environment in Australia and now advises government and operates under its own charter. The CRC's Chair of the Governing Board, John McCarthy, was inaugural Chair of the council.
ASBEC aims to develop a uniform built environment industry response to the manifold environmental and ecological issues that it now faces. Working in collaboration with the three levels of government and professional and other peak organisations, it will produce a prioritised action agenda for the future.

ASBEC's objective is: "For Australia to be a leader in reducing ecological impacts, improving economic returns and extending community amenity of the built environment"

As a founding member of the Council, Construction Innovationand is proud to have played a key role in its formation. The CRC has an ongoing lead role through our Sustainable Built Assets Program Director, Dr Peter Newton, leading the Education and Industry Diffusion responsibilities and ASBEC. One of Construction Innovation's lead national projects 'Your Building' is a joint project supported by ASBEC and the Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts.

Australian Procurement and Construction Council (APCC)

The Australian Procurement and Construction Council (APCC) is the peak council of government departments responsible for procurement and construction policy for the Australian, State and Territory Governments, and the New Zealand Government.

Given the strength of the public sector's influence in the design, construction and operation of Australian facilities, Construction Innovation is committed to working constructively with this peak national association. Leadership demonstrated by public organisations nationally impacts significantly on the development and uptake of innovative practices in the property, design, construction and facility management sectors.

Facility Management Action Agenda Implementation

CRC for Construction Innovation services the property, design, construction and facility management sectors. It has applied research and technology diffusion activities across this diverse industry with the goal of leading in collaboration and innovation. Throughout 2004 the Facility Management Strategic Industry Leaders Group, chaired by John McCarthy (also Chair of the CRC for Construction Innovation Board), analysed the facility management industry and jointly developed the Facilities Management Action Agenda - published as Managing the Built Environment. This document is available for download here (1.1mb).

In conjunction with our industry association partners in the Facility Management Association (FMA) and industry partners in Transfield and the Sydney Opera House, our CRC is leading the Sydney Opera House FM Exemplar Project. This exciting industry-focussed research project will utilise Sydney Opera House to research and create world-class FM models that will have a direct beneficial role for the Australian FM industry as well as the economy as a whole.

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