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Concrete structure rehabilitation - Decision-support tool for concrete structure rehabilitation
This research has resulted in a decision-support framework and tool which will enable asset managers of concrete infrastructure to select the most suitable technique for rehabilitating ageing concrete structures using fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) composites. The decision support tool assesses the extension of economic life in compliance with the current design philosophy of the Australian Concrete Structures Code.
A review of current national and international research and practice identified established and emerging rehabilitation techniques using FRP composites in reinforced concrete structures, with particular relevance to Australian conditions.
The framework allows designers to consider innovative and refined methods of structural strength calculation and simple evaluation techniques. This integrated approach has facilitated the transfer of knowledge from previously fragmented technical research and added a whole-of-life value concept suitable for asset managers. The unique tool developed is suitable for decision-making in rehabilitation of structures under different scenarios.
Reports from this research include:
Decision support in using FRP composites (Refereed conference paper)
Comparison between design guidelines in using CRFP in bridge headstock (Refereed conference paper)
Review of strengthening techniques using externally bonded fiber reinforced polymer composties (Project report)
Decision support tools for concrete infrastructure rehabilitation (Project report)
Whole of life cycle cost analysis in bridge rehabilitation (Project report)
User friendly guide for rehabilitating or strengthening of bridge structures using fiber reinforced polymer composites(Project report)