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Automated Estimator is a computer software tool that automatically generates a bill of quantities (BoQ) and cost estimate from a 3D CAD building model. Viewer software, developed to complement the program, provides a mechanism for displaying the correlation between building components and items in the BoQ, and also from items in the BoQ back to the building components. This allows results to be seen in 3D, making them easier to interpret and validate. Information contained within the 3D CAD Building Information Model is exported in the form of industry foundation class data. The data is used to populate a database which shares data and communicates with other applications. Automated estimated analyses this data to generate a bill of quantities and cost estimate.
A Rule Editor allows users to define estimating rules or modify existing estimated rules to suit the internal processes used by an organisation.
The software currently covers the following trades at the detailed documentation stage:
More trades are under development.
Automating the extraction of quantities (Refereed conference paper)
Automated estimator (Brochure)
Automated scheduler (Brochure)