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Infrastructure delivery and management of built assets || Maintenance
Managing road infrastructure
To effectively manage road infrastructures, road agencies require sound information based on knowledge and data describing the assets to support their investment decisions. This research project has developed innovative ideas on the quality of the decision support process for road agencies, namely:
Methods developed by the research team for effective decision making for road asset investment include:
Assessing risk and variation in maintenance and rehabilitation costs for road network (Final report)
2003-029-C-01 Literature review (Project report)
Developing a methodology for assessing variation in maintenance (Project report)
Stochastic analysis of road asset condition for maintenance cost prediction (Project report)
Road asset management investment (Industry brochure)
A probability method for assessing variability in budget estimates for highway asset management (Refereed conference paper)
Identification of critical input variables for risk-based cost estimates for road maintenance and rehabilitation (Refereed conference paper)