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Disney chief to speak at CRC conference
>The Marriot Hotel, exterior view, Gold Coast
The Marriot Hotel, Lobby, Gold Coast
(Top) The Marriot Hotel exterior view, Gold Coast.
(Below) The Marriot Hotel, lobby, Gold Coast.

Ben Schwegler, vice president and chief scientist of Walt Disney Imagineering's research and development unit, is a keynote speaker at the CRC for Construction Innovation's international conference on the Gold Coast on 12-14 March 2008. 

Walt Disney Imagineering is the master planning, creative development, design, engineering, production, project management and research and development arm of The Walt Disney Company. Its talented corps of Imagineers (a title that combines “imagination” and “engineering”) is responsible for the creation—from concept initiation through installation—of all Disney resorts, theme parks and attractions, real estate developments, regional entertainment venues and new media projects.
Dr Schwegler directs the Environment, Materials and Infrastructure Group, where he created and manages the 4D Simulation-based Design Team that improves Disney's ability to simulate, predict and manage the product delivery process. He and his team have developed integrated infrastructure models, which have resulted in a more efficient theme park and resort design, novel water treatment plants enabling the first closed-loop control of wastewater treatment plants, and next generation fireworks.
Dr Schwegler will discuss the role of information technology and productivity in sustainable development at the CRC for Construction Innovation's third international conference which focuses on the theme of Benefiting from Innovation.  
Dr Schwegler joins a number of international industry experts to address the conference, including Dr Dennis Shelden, Chief Technology Officer of Gehry Technologies (USA); Mr Mike Wilke, Chief Operating Officer of PB Americas, Inc; and Dr Keith Futcher, Chief Executive Officer, ISS Facility Services Pty Ltd (Hong Kong).
Mr Brendon Crotty, former Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Australand Holdings Ltd (Australia) is one of a number of Australian experts to present a keynote address at the conference. Australand is one of Australia's major diversified property groups, with activities across Australia covering development of residential land, housing and apartments, development of and investment in income producing commercial and industrial properties, and property management. 
Clients Driving Innovation: Benefiting from Innovation will showcase the results of the research and innovation of leading industry practitioners and researchers, with a focus on implementation of innovative practices and technologies.
The Clients Driving Innovation conference series attracts a varied audience of industry representatives and researchers from around the globe, including construction clients, designers, constructors, civil and infrastructure engineers and contractors, facility managers, facility owners, financiers, property developers, engineering consultants, manufacturers, technology specialists, cost management consultants, construction industry regulators, research and development educators and specialists and industry consultative organisations.
More information and online registration is available at 2008 Conference.
For more information contact:
Louise Adams, Special Projects Officer
Tel +61 (0)3 5983 2180, email
Margaret Puls, Media Officer, CRC for Construction Innovation
Phone: (07) 3138 9289 Mobile: 0419 578 356 Email:


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