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Sydney Opera House - FM exemplar project
The Sydney Opera House Facilities Management (FM) Exemplar Project will provide a tangible basis to showcase innovative methods for measuring and managing the economic, social and environmental impacts of FM across many of the 20 coherent recommendations for the industry contained within the Australian FM Action Agenda.
The research will be carried out under the umbrella of the Strategic Asset Maintenance Plan and will feature three key research themes:
  1. digital interface of FM documentation andservices in relation the SAM plan
  2. procurement
  3. benchmarking.
Each theme will be mapped to the SOHs Strategic Asset Maintenance Plan and Business Objectives and then the Facilities Management Action Agendas silos (or platforms) and support the development of the projects digital modelling component.
Objectives will highlight the link between best-practice FM implementation and measurement and effective use of capital assets as a business enabler.

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