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Project delivery
This study is into best-practice project delivery and includes the development of a suite of products, resources and services to help guide clients and project teams towards the best approach for specific projects. The study was a response to a recognised need to improve the delivery performance and approach of the construction industry and recognises the need for decision support resources to assist clients and their project teams with information, advice and recommended actions for best practice project delivery.
One project outcome was the development of a decision support tool with two interrelated dimensions to help guide owners and project teams in decision-making and includes:
  • a user-friendly electronic database
  • a paper-based workbook.
Both parts of the support tool are aimed at making project delivery choices clearer by providing clients with specific advice matched to specific project priorities, and describing the decision path clients can follow from first idea, handover to ongoing operations.
A model for assessing and correcting construction project health (Refereed conference paper)
A value driven procurement decision tool (Refereed conference paper)
Re-valuing construction through project delivery (Refereed conference paper)
The journey to delivered value in Australian procurement (Refereed conference paper)
A value driven process decision tool (Project report)
Decision matrix compared with partnering principles (Project report)
Development and validation of best practice decision matrix (Project report)
Framework for measuring success of construction project (Project report)
Literature review on value alignment process for project delivery (Project report)
Value alignment matrix manual (Brochure)
Achieving value alignment (Information sheet)