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A Practical Guide to Safety Leadership

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A Practical Guide to Safety Leadership Book (5mb)

How to use this guide

Implementation checklists

Blank Task and Position Competency Matrix

A Construction Safety Competency Framework Book (4mb)

Task and Position Competency Matrix

Individual Safety Management Tasks - SMTs (Word versions)

SMT 1.Carry out project risk assessments
SMT 2.Undertake and design safety reviews for constructability, operability and maintenance
SMT 3.Undertake formal OH&S review of tenders
SMT 4.Develop project OH&S management plans
SMT 5.Develop OH&S procedures and instructions
SMT 6.Carry out workplace and task hazard identification, risk assessments and controls (JSAs and SWMSs)
SMT 7.Carry out basic task competency assessments of employees
SMT 8.Provide general OH&S information and provide basic OH&S instruction
SMT 9.Deliver company induction
SMT 10.Deliver site/workplace-specific induction
SMT 11. Facilitate group/work team OH&S discussions and meetings
SMT 12.Initiate and coordinate OH&S awareness activities or presentations
SMT 13.Plan and deliver toolbox talks
SMT 14.Give formal OH&S presentations to management
SMT 15. Participate in site safety committee
SMT 16. Consult on and resolve OH&S issues
SMT 17.Speak to senior management about OH&S issues in the workplace
SMT 18.Challenge unsafe behaviour/attitude at any level when encountered
SMT 19.Make site visits where a site worker is spoken to directly about OH&S in the workplace
SMT 20.Recognise and reward people who have positively impacted on OH&S
SMT 21.Deliver OH&S training in the workplace
SMT 22.Carry out formal incident investigations
SMT 23.Carry out basic project OH&S system element audits
SMT 24.Carry out formal inspections of workplace and work tasks
SMT 25.Research and prepare reports on OH&S issues, performance and improvement strategies
SMT 26.Monitor sub-contractor activities
SMT 27. Identify and include suitable OH&S requirements into sub-contractor packages (e.g. risk assessment tools)
SMT 28. Evaluate OH&S performance of sub-contractors
SMT 29. Understand and apply general regulatory OH&S requirements
SMT 30. Understand and apply detailed OH&S legislative requirements (e.g. welfare provisions as well as safety and health)
SMT 31.Apply full working knowledge of the organisation’s safety management system (SMS)
SMT 32.Assist with return to work and rehabilitation processes
SMT 33. Understand and apply general regulatory workers’ compensation requirements
SMT 34.Mentor staff and follow their progress
SMT 35. Conduct employee performance appraisals
SMT 36.Work with staff to solve safety problems
SMT 37.Discipline staff for poor OH&S behaviour/attitude
SMT 38.Recruit and select new staff
SMT 39.Administer first aid to injured persons
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