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Building Procurement

The Australian property and construction industry is being exposed to fierce international competition through globalisation and Internet-based supply chain management. The CRC for Construction Innovation develops and promotes best practice project delivery, products, resources and services that can guide project teams towards the best procurement approach for a specific project. Through our research and development the Australian property and construction industry will gain a better understanding of these principles and be better informed in tailoring its delivery of projects to greater alignment of value for all the stakeholders.



Construction Innovation aims to drive healthy and sustainable constructed assets and optimise the environmental impact of built facilities through sound conceptual basis for economic, social and environmental accounting of the built environment; virtual building technology to examine design performance prior to documentation, construction and use; and assessing human health and productivity benefits of smart indoor environments. The research and development spans scales ranging from individual material components the basic building blocks of built assets to segments of an entire urban system. Buildings, infrastructures and subdivisions are all capable of being modelled with a view to delivering enhanced levels of (sustainable) performance.


3D Visualisation

Construction Innovation is committed to information and communication technologies (ICT) as a fundamental enabler of productivity improvements in the property and construction industry. Through research and development, Construction Innovationwill underpin new design, construction and facility management processes with advanced applications of ICT using open standards and international leading-edge approaches. The property and construction industry will be given the opportunity to test designs of built assets with virtual simulations before built forms are realized. Construction Innovation will act as a driver for change and integrator across the property and construction industry supply chains.

Business Innovation

Construction Innovation aims to improve the long-term effectiveness, competitiveness and dynamics of the Australian property and construction industry. Through its research and development Contruction Innovationwill lead the industry towards accommodating the rigours of more customer-led thinking by promoting greater innovation in business processes, strengthened human relations and ethical practices, and by more effective interactions between industry and its clients.

Facility Management

Construction Innovation aims to enhance commercial real estate performance within both operational and investment contexts through the development of models and frameworks that will support improved decision-making at a strategic level. Through its research and development, Construction Innovation will promote new business processes based on risk adjusted discounted cash flow, information storage and data mining techniques and so providing valuable toolkits for building managers, owners and potential investors. The toolkits will enable the evaluation of individual building performance using financial, social and environmental criteria over the complete life-cycle of the asset.



The construction industry can be resistant to change which often occurs informally and is generally driven top down. The industry is fragmented and has numerous industry associations, yet it is a major driver of the national economy. The purpose of the CRC for Construction Innovation is to develop novel solutions for the industry that will result in positive industry change.

As solutions are developed with the partners of Construction Innovation, additional relationships will be required to further develop and distribute those solutions. Our research projects are developed with a view to commercialisation. Our management of research ensures rigorous intellectual property management. Processes are in place to continually assess our research portfolio for commercialisation opportunities.

On reviewing our research projects, if you wish to discuss commercial opportunities, please contact Carole Green, ourChief Operating Officer - Business, on (07) 3138 1332 or Peter Scuderi, our Chief Operating Officer - Research and Commercialisation, on (07) 3138 1412.

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