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Construction Innovation's Education and Training Program

Current Scholars 

Soon Kam Lim
Soon Kam Lim (QUT) 

Decision-Making Processes for Sustainable Construction

This research will develop an integrated decision-making tool for industry clients, consultants and contractors to improve collaboration, consultation and communication between decision-makers of infrastructure project delivery to achieve improved sustainability outcomes. The intended benefits to industry include improved understanding among stakeholders and better sustainability reporting mechanisms.
Agustin Chevez
Agustin Chevez (RMIT) 

Evolution of Workplace Architecture as a Consequence of Technology Development

This research will identify changes in the way workplaces are used to design new office environments and redevelop existing ones with a holistic approach to maintain a balance amongst people, space and technology in the Australian context. The intended outcomes for industry from this research will also assist Facility Managers to strategically plan their workspace changes due to alternative ways of working.
Abdulkader Sharabah
Abdulkader Sharabah (RMIT) 

A Reliability Based Predictive Model for Building Asset Management

This research will develop a deterioration model for building asset management capable of predicting the distributions of future conditioned states of building elements for asset management systems through data collection, data inspection, performance modelling and forecasting. The intended benefits to industry include tools to support decisions on maintenance priority in relation to all building elements.
Robert Lopez (Curtin) 

Design Management - Error Reduction and Containment Strategies in Projects

This research will identify design errors as a 'project pathogen' and quantify their financial impact on projects, and underlie a taxonomy of design errors and strategies to reduce or mitigate them. It is anticipated that the research outcomes will highlight how fewer design errors will result in less waste, less rework and improved project performance in terms of schedule and cost.
Joanne Jakovich
Joanne Jakovich (US) 

A Model of Adaptive Soundspace Installation

This research will develop a model for the application of sensor-based audio environments in architectural design and construction. Software development will deliver a set of soundspace modules to support the integration of sensor and audio hardware into the built environment. The intended benefits to industry include the potential for interaction beyond traditional computer interfaces with the next generation of 'smart' buildings and environments.
Brett Mayze
Brett Mayze (QUT) 

Multilevel Approach to Safety Culture in the Construction Industry

This research identifies a multilevel model to measure safety culture that facilitates benchmarking across the construction industry and identifies the key drivers and characteristics of an effective safety culture. The research will also measure and compare construction 'safety culture' over time and across sites. The intended benefits to industry will be identifing the impact safety leadership training can have for a large construction contractor.
Judy Kraatz (QUT) 

Value Mapping for Major Economic Infrastructure Projects for the Australian Public Sector

This research will establish a value-mapping framework applicable to Australian public sector agencies via a decision-making methodology to assist project teams to highlight and track key decision points and options.  The intended benefits to industry include improved ability to better identify and align project outcomes and impacts with stated corporate objectives as well as assist in managing risks and minimise possible ecological and social harm.

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