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Global reach for Australia's Construction Innovation team
Globe of the world
Australian construction research has featured prominently in several recent international forums.

Construction Innovation CEO Dr Keith Hampson delivered a keynote address on 30 May at the Second International Conference on Quality Chain Management conference in Stockholm, which was hosted by the Swedish Council for Construction Excellence (BQR). Dr Hampsons address was entitled Procurement Strategies for Cooperation: Partnering and Alliancing. He also led an industry panel discussion on best practices in procurement.

Dr Hampson said the conference outcomes highlighted the industry leadership role of key partners of Construction Innovation in particular, the major clients.

The innovative procurement practices of Queensland Government in the delivery of infrastructurerank asexamples of international best practice, he said.

The Queensland Departments of Public Works and Main Roads, and Queensland Rail with their Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) and alliance approach to procurement, are regarded as examples of leading procurement practices to achieve best value outcomes for construction projects.

Following the formal conference, Dr Hampson participated in a core team meeting with a select group of the ICCF (International Construction Client Forum) to plan the Third Annual International Clients Forum Conference, which will be held in conjunction with the Revaluing Construction Congress in Copenhagen on 9-11 October. The ICCF event will bring together leading public and private construction clients globally on the improved briefing processes, facility management and relifing of existing projects.

In The Netherlands, Dr Hampson also served on an International Review Panel of the Dutch equivalent to Construction Innovation PSIBouw (Process and System Innovation in Building and Construction).

At the Triennial CIB World Building Congress, held in Cape Town in May, Construction Innovation Chair John McCarthy was elected Chair of the Marketing and Communication Committee of CIB (the international Council for Research and Innovation In Building and Construction) see storyin this edition and Dr Keith Hampson led the CIB TG58 Innovation in Construction Task Group meeting

Presentations submitted for the CIB Congress undergo a rigorous two-stage system of peer review bytwo acknowledged experts in order to ensure only the highest quality of research is showcased.

Construction Innovation staff and researchers presented the following papers at the Congress:

Organisation and Management of Construction theme:
Effective Financial Incentive Mechanisms: An Australian Case Study
  • Rose, T & Manley, K

    Facilities Management and Maintenance theme:
    An Integrated Approach to the Relife of Office Buildings
  • Yang, J and Lim, S
    Architectural Management theme:
  • London, K & Chen, J
    Safety and Health in Construction theme:
  • Charles, MB Furneaux, C Pillay, J Thorpe,, D Castillo, CP & Brown K
    Construction in Developing Countries theme:
  • Furneaux, C Brown, K & Hampson, K
    Smart and Sustainable Built Environments theme:
  • Yang, J Ahuja, V & Shankar, R
  • Humphreys, MSetunge, SFenwick, JAlwi, S
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