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The Construction Innovation Research Library provides access to a large range of documents produced by our CRC. It is organised by subject areas within programs A, B and C and the ICT platform.
Use the outline below to take you to the relevant documents by clicking on the headings in the green panels. You can also locate library documents using the search feature or through our publications  section.
Program A
Business and industry development

The objective of Program Ais to improve the long-term effectiveness, competitiveness and dynamics of a viable construction industry in the Australian and international contexts through:

  • greater innovation in business processes
  • strengthened human relations and ethical practice
  • more effective interactions between industry and its clients.
More effective interaction between industry and clients
This field of Construction Innovationrelates to:
  • improving the sustainability of the pre-cast concrete, and construction and demolition waste supply chains
  • critical success factors in ICT-mediated supply chains, and how to measure the performance resulting from their ICT use compared to that achieved by similar firms
  • how Australian-based firms have established and maintained sustainable business in various international markets
  • efficiencies gained through eTendering and an evaluation of the legal, security and risk issues relating to eTendering
  • developing a greater awareness in the construction industry of the value of eBusiness to organisations, and to increase participation in various eBusiness technologies
  • benchmarking the utilisation level of a specifically developed integrated web and mobile communications software product developed by BSITE on a construction project over a field trial period of 12 weeks
  • evaluating eTendering systems against the technical and legal guidelines published in previous Construction Innovation research
  • improving implementation of relationship management on construction projects and to facilitate a change in culture leading to effective performance in terms of established business better than usual KPIs
  • undertaking a comparative analysis of the context and content of regulations and policies affecting the construction industry, and analyse the implications of Construction Innovation research on the regulatory and policy framework
  • developing a software prototype that will provide early warning signals that can be used to predict the performance of construction firms.


Greater innovation in business practices
Construction Innovation activity in this field is seeking to Identify:
  • knowledge assets and how to manage them in order to create competitiveadvantage, with a focus on achieving this through ICT diffusion
  • key learnings through innovation case studies
  • perceptions which drive innovation in this industry, including aspects of business strategy and business environments.
Strengthened human relations and ethical practices
Research outcomes for Construction Innovation activity in this field include:
  • the question of why codes that are developed are difficult to implement and teh complexity of practices that operate in the industry
  • key issues of safety management in construction sites
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