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Construction Innovation's Education and Training Program

Past Scholars

Tim Rose (QUT) 

Optimising the impact of Financial Incentive Mechanisms (FIMs) in Australian Government Large-scale Non-residential Building Projects

The research project is split into two main areas. Firstly, I have identified the major indicators that predict the level and direction of effort under project-based incentive contracts through a comprehensive literature review. Secondly, through a case study approach, I am exploring the specific project drivers that determine the impact financial incentives have on motivation in the context of Australian Government non residential building projects.
Garry Creedy (QUT) 

Identifying and Matching Project Risk Factors to Delivery Capability in Highway Construction Projects

The research focuses on highway construction projects in Queensland, Australia and utilises the case study approach of a road organisation to research and analyse a broad range of historical data that have lead to cost overruns in client budget estimates during project delivery.
Ji Soo Yoon (US) 

Wayfinding in Dynamic Virtual Worlds

  • To contribute to the development of various forms of navigational assistance that enable both professional and non-professional visitors of a virtual environment to find their way without previous training
  • To examine the applicability of swarm intelligence based agent behaviour models for wayfinding
  • Wei Peng (US) 

    Adaptive Design Tool that Learns

    With over half a centurys development on Computer Aided Design tools, the functionalities of design tools have been multiplying to embrace new technologies. However, they continue to be built on a paradigm that is founded on the notion that the tool is unchanged by its use. This research aims to develop an approach that enables a design tool to learn by its use, and hence to adapt itself.
    Merv Cowley (QUT) 
    Modelling and Forecasting Office Property Markets
    Current property assessment practice entails adopting single city-wide growth forecasts for office building rents and values regardless of any specific city precinct influences. Research has shown central business districts do not move as one in terms of property values. This testing of a new segmentation method of modelling and forecasting rents and values for a sample office market has the potential of delivering increased reliability to viability studies.
    Cameron Beard (UN) 

    Issues Affecting the Implementation of Building Product Models within the Australian Construction Industry.

    Much research has been undertaken to explore the benefits of using new technologies within the construction industry. While much of this research has explored the benefits of using such technologies, the issues affecting their implementation have not been explored to the same extent. This research seeks to explore and identify the issues affecting the implementation of a specific technology in the form of the Building Product Model.
    Dave Luxmoore (QUT) 

    Evaluation of Three Greensmart Houses: A Comparison with Current Mainstream Housing and Sustainable Housing

    This report on the three Greensmart Houses has been accepted by Qld EPA and posted onto their web site as an industry example of sustainable housing.
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    Derek Thompson (RMIT) 

    Transitional Soundspace: Listening in Motion

    Transdisciplinary project research into dynamic experience of open architectural spaces. Included extensive field recording, analysis, and experimentation with 3D sound reproduction technology. The research applied concepts from soundscape studies, acoustics, and perceptual investigations to inform documentation, analysis, and sound-design intervention for transitional spaces.
    Tayyab Maqsood (RMIT) 

    An Investigation into the Role of Knowledge Management in Supporting Innovation for Effective Planning and Delivery of Construction Projects

    Enhancing the body of knowledge related with Knowledge Management especially for construction industry by developing Integrated knowledge management and Learning model and validating it using Soft Systems Methodology (SSM) through various case studies with a view of transforming an organisation into a learning organisation.
    Ned Wales (QUT) 

    Challenges of Implementing Sustainable Development Principles into Planning Practice

    Ned's research contributes to urban planning theory and public policy development aimed at achieving sustainable communities
    Mike Hefferan (QUT) 

    The Demands of Emerging Knowledge-intensive Firms on Commercial Property Assets and Real Property Value Proposition for Accommodating those Firms.

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